Thursday, February 25, 2016

29 Faces
February 19

I love 29 Faces, but I won't be sorry to see the end of February! 

She is longing for summer (or even Spring) . . .

I've been working on pulling together the details of my
I'm building my mailing list . . . figuring out MailChimp.
Ugh. I've heard it's easy to use.
Not that easy because there is so much information.
I think if I could just weed out the very basic stuff,
then I could figure out the rest later.

I hope you will sign up to subscribe!
(sign-up box is in the upper right corner)

If you would rather subscribe by sending me your
email address, I can sign you up manually.
My email is

I have lots of plans for content ~ 

Updates on new paintings;

Discount coupon codes and sales in my shop;

Vintage photo freebies;

Free art elements to use in your art journals;

Stories about artists, techniques, painting, etc.

Let me know if there are other things you
like to see in an art newsletter!

Have a great Thursday!


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