Tuesday, February 23, 2016

29 Faces
February 16-18

I love fairies! Have you seen any lately?
These are some fairies I created in Jane Davenport's
class, Joynal, which is all about 
painting magical creatures of every kind.
February 18: 

February 17:

February 16:

My efforts now are to concentrate on getting all 
29 faces done before the end of February...

After all, it's already the 23rd.

I'm hoping to have time today to create some new faces.

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Enjoy your Tuesday!



  1. your paintings are really so delicate, lovely art!

  2. I love fairies, too, and yours are divine!

  3. No fairies here in Finland at this time of the year, but hopefully in the summer!

    These are ethereal and I like the texture of the paper you've used, it makes the fairies look alive.

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!


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