Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A new art journal, a purple miss, and Miss Lady

It's Purple this week at Inspiration Avenue.

I made a new art journal.
(and, yes, I have twenty or so journals which are barely started...don't remind me.
SOMEDAY I will fill them all. Of course I know that 
SOMEDAY, like TOMORROW, never comes. But I keep pretending.

This is a bit different from my other journals. The cover is soft, made out of canvas.
I made it by following Effy Wild's instructions for her Book of Days project.

My canvas was larger than I needed, so I'm adding a flap for closure.

Effy's Book of Days Boot Camp (the precursor to the actual Book of Days) is FREE.
Lots of good and fun info in many videos showing how to make the journal,
ideas for decorating the cover, and lessons on art techniques.
I have not even finished all of the videos yet.

You can find the Book of Days Boot Camp HERE.
Just join up (free) and you can watch the videos online or download and keep.

This was the easiest journal I've ever made. And feels very good to use.
Much simpler to sew than the coptic stitch, although I love how that turns out too.

My assistant, Miss Lady, who thinks she is here to sit for her portrait.

Have a great week...stop by Inspiration Avenue to see some pretty purple artwork! :-)


  1. So very lovely. Girl is pretty and bit melancholic still hopefull. Looks like your cat is demanding assistant also :) I have to check that journal instruction. There can never be too many artjournals <3

  2. Your artwork is terrific just adorable.


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