Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You are here.

I plan on doing a series of map pieces.
We'll see if it pans out.
I have lots of ideas, but will they stick with me?
Lately, nothing seems to stay that interesting for long . . .

So, here is the first piece in the "maybe" series:

I've always loved maps. 

It's so interesting to see where everything is. In relation to everything else. 

And of course I like to know where *I* am in the vast scheme of things.

This particular map might leave you more lost than you were before.

But a lot of “you are here” maps do that, at least to me.

theme this week is Maps.
 Visit over there to see the other MAPS pieces.



  1. This is so pretty Maggie! I love the title of the series and as well as looking lovely the maps are great symbols of journeying and finding the way. Hope you do more! x

  2. Hi Maggie. I saw this the other day and it inspired me to enter the IA challenge this week. LOVE map art. Glad you showed me where I am...LOL. This is great.

  3. Wow, amazing! I really like the idea!

  4. I love this Maggie and wow, look at that! We live in the same place.... in the hearts of our friends!!


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